Our sponsors are pretty rad! They make phenomenal products to help us crush our goals AND they believe in supporting women. Specifically, helping us get more ladies on trails.


We are lucky enough to be sponsored by some of the best brands in the industry. Our major sponsors have gone above and beyond the typical commitment and put us in a position to achieve our absolute best. Please, take a moment to visit our major sponsors individual pages and check out their website. Supporting those who support us will keep the sport vibrant, growing and help get more women toeing the start line.

KS Suspension

Dropper posts aren’t just for Enduro bros and Downhill shredders anymore. As mountain bike races become more gnarly we found that having a lightweight dropper gives us that extra edge. Not into having a dropper on your hardtail race machine yet? Don’t worry KS also makes super light seat posts as well as bars and stems!

Kenda Tires

Different courses demand different tires and not all tires are created equal! Kenda has us covered from hard-packed and dusty in the West to the damp rocks and roots of the East Coast, plus everything in between.


From trail riding to the gym and everything in between Hyperthreads has up covered with all of our race day and training needs! They helped take our 500 ideas on how we wanted to look and worked with us to develop the unique and rad kits we rock!


We also have some pretty amazing product sponsors who help us equip our bikes with some rad gear that is ready to shred any course or trail!

2019 Product Sponsor announcement coming soon!!