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A Look Into Kind Shock Hi Tech Machinery Co., Ltd


Founded as Yen Yue Manufacturing, Kind Shock was founded in Tainan City, Taiwan.  The initial products produced were bicycle front forks, stems, head tubes, bottom bracket shells and other frame components.  At the time it was built, this facility was 703 square meters and had a staff of over 30 people.

Yen Yue Machinery Shenzhen was built in 1992 to increase the global capacity of Kind Shock Taiwan’s manufacturing.  This facility has a staff of over 350 and occupies over 20,000 square meters.  On the grounds are the manufacturing operations, staff dormitories, cafeteria, restaurant, retail concept store and one of China’s only fully maintained BMX test tracks.

In 1995, Yen Yue invested in additional tube processing equipment with the goal to expand product offerings.  Within two years, Kind Shock began development of basic hydraulic dampers for bicycle rear suspension, suspension seat post and  rise/reach adjustable stem applications.  These hydraulic products were the first “Kind Shock” branded units.  In 2000, Yen Yue passed ISO 9000 certification, officially marking our company’s commitment to quality as a global supplier.  During this year, Yen Yue also began developing and manufacturing mini-scooters for retail mass market consumption.  To keep up with an ever-increasing demand for our products, Yen Yue opened Kind Shock Machinery Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China and Yen Yue Enterprise Ltd., Vietnam – yet another facility just one year later.  By 2004, the Kind Shock branded products had gained market traction.  As a result, Yen Yue Taiwan officially changed its name to Kind Shock Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

Kind Shock Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. In Taiwan has always led the development for the company with the most experienced engineers and designers tasked with keeping the product line innovative and fresh.  In 2007 Kind Shock released one of the first (if not first) viable hydraulically adjustable drop seatposts called the “Cobra”.  Additional models of the Cobra were offered and the new product line was named the “I-Series”.  I-Series hydraulic drop seatposts won the 2008 iF Gold Award for design excellence and in 2009, the now maturing I-Series hydraulic seat post product line received the award for Taiwan Excellence.

The product line continued to expand and Kind Shock grew into the role a market leader helping to define the way drop seat posts functioned and consequently how they changed how people rode mountain bikes.

In 2012 KS introduced LEV.  For the first time a hydraulically controlled post with air spring could be actuated with a fixed cable remote.  Cable management was no longer an issue which paved the way for internally routed versions of the product.  In 2012 LEV won the iF Award for Design Excellence and by MY2013, the LEV product expanded into a product line consisting of lighter, shorter travel and 34.9mm diameter options.

In the summer of 2012 Kind Shock underwent an expansion of their manufacturing and R&D facilities to keep up with growing global demand for their products and technology.

Kind Shock continues to lead the market in dropper seat posts well into 2018 with new category-defining products constantly being developed.  For more information, please visit www.kssuspension.com.