Gear Gossip: BikeFettish

Meet our Bike Fettish

Do you know Bike Fettish? We do! This small company knows great products and is backed by cyclists across the US who are shredding on gear they believe in. Jen has even driven to Georgia from Ohio to sample the dirt with the Bike Fettish Crew. Jake and Hector, the owners of Bike Fettish, identify emerging European bike component companies that are relatively unknown in the US market. Bike Fettish then becomes the distributor of the product in the US market. Lucky KS-Kenda Women get to play bikes with the fruits of their labor.

Hector and Jake of Bike Fettish hanging with the team at Sea Otter



Do you have a Bike Fettish? If not, here are some bright shiny things to make your list:

Joe’s No Flats – Innovation from Israel. Joe’s produce environmentally friendly tire sealant and bike cleaning products that work as well as their toxic counterparts. The degreaser is so potent Jen did not believe the eco claims so she took a sample to her biochemistry lab at OSU to verify. Her “independent testing” certifies that its earth friendly! Fairlee has given the sealant a fair bit of field testing on sharp rocks and it has sealed gashes and sidewall rubs with no problem. Joe’s No Flats also makes a small portable tire pump designed to seat tubeless tires. This is a must-have for a cyclist who may want to change tires when an air compressor is not available.

Joes No flats
Innovative bike cleaning in a hotel shower with Joe’s Bio-Degreaser

HT pedals – Easy to clip into by just stamping your foot on the pedal. We are training and racing on the M1T (titanium); they come in a rainbow of colors so we were able to match our bikes or add a little flare with an accent color. Also, they add a miniscule 232g to our bikes which for reference, is 50g less than the leading clipless pedal on the market. Emma has even braved the elements and trail tested pedals in snowball flightworthy snow and soul sucking mud without issues; which is more than her bike companions on those rides could boast.

HT Components
No trouble getting clipped in on HT M1 pedals

Smanie Saddles – What would a saddle designed by a pro mountain biker/ biomedical engineer be like? AMAZING! Our own Jen Malik worked with Smanie to develop our team’s saddle to ensure ergonomics and performance. The saddles come in bike-matching colors and are rated saddle sore free from our team (lucky for Jen or she would get an earful from the team, and lucky for Fairlee or she would be nursing our wounds). While the N.Spire saddle is marketed at an enduro saddle we have found that the narrow nose and comfort play nicely in the cross country world where days consist of long rides and increasingly technical terrain.

Smanie Saddles
N.Spire saddle is so matchy-matchy!

Novatec Wheels – Make our team go round! We are racing and training on Flowtrail 29” and 27.5” wheels. When Jen put these on her race whip (Pivot Mach 429SL) she marveled at the quick response and light feel the wheels gave. What more could you ask for? Novatec wheels for road, gravel, cx and enduro? Yeah, they make those too!

Nikki excited to train hard on her Novatec wheels

“When I went down to visit them in GA it wasn’t like going to a corporate business, but it was a small inclusive office with ping pong, long boards, and open offices of people talking and hanging out. Basically, like going over to somebody’s house to hang out ha but work was being done.” – Jen Malik


Bikefettish Ride
Bike Fettish crew is thumbs up after a muddy shop ride