The Team

In 2017, the three of us met while racing each other and hatched the idea to create a team together after seeing that there are limited avenues for women who wish to seriously pursue a competitive UCI schedule. We are all extremely driven, both on and off of the bike. We want to make a statement in the industry that it is possible for women to have careers as well as race at a high level! Our goal is to become a household name in which we inspire and empower more women to ride bikes. Eventually, we would also like to serve as a channel for young women to develop and compete at the elite level. We plan to do this through various clinics, race weekend “Meet the Pros” talks, as well as local involvement within our mountain bike communities. We will be a team of approachable women who can support female riders of all ages, whether or not the plan to race or enjoy riding bikes for the adventure, which we also love! Currently, all four of us are involved in some sort of coaching or NICA so we will expand our current skills.